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A Short Discussion On DaVinci Robotic Surgery Houston Texas

By Steven Howard

Many people around the world have a surgical procedure done at least once during their lifetime. Those that have had an operation know that there are certain risks and side effects any time you go under the knife. Whether it is a somewhat simple and common procedure, such as removing the tonsils, or a more complicated surgery, such as a gastric bypass, there are risks and recovery times that can be made even greater by human hands. A modern development of a robot helps lower the risks that are associated with operations. In the state of Texas, the robot is used in a variety of ways. If you live in the area and are faced with the fact that you may have to get an operation, check into the DaVinci robotic surgery Houston.

The unit was designed and developed by an American company named Intuitive Surgical. They received approval in the year 2000 and since then, the robot has assisted or performed thousands, if not millions, of operations. It is believed that the unit helps reduce mishaps, blood loss and recovery time when the unit performs the procedure.

Although the procedure may be performed by the robot, the surgeon in charge has control of the mechanical unit. It is controlled by a console that the doctor using his knowledge and experience to guide it. This often helps keep the procedure minimally evasive because of the way the wrists of the unit can move in ways that the human hand cannot.

Over the past few years, the popularity of the unit has increased. This is because the unit is so good at what it does, many of the bigger hospitals have purchased one to decrease the risks and recovery time of their patients.

It is common to use the robot in surgeries such as prostate removal and hysterectomies but many surgeons have discovered the benefits to using them during other more complicated surgeries. Many surgeons have discovered the robot can be used in many life saving procedures. This makes the unit a valuable member of surgery team.

When the unit is used in laparoscopic procedures, it greatly reduces the stress of the surgeon and attending physician. This type of procedure is usually performed while the surgeon is standing up using instruments that are not necessarily designed for this type of operation. When the robot is used, the surgeon has his eyes on the patient while controlling the arms and hands of the unit. He can often do this while he is in a sitting position, therefore a twelve hour surgery is not as hard on his back and legs. Because he does not have to check a nearby monitor to see his performance, there is a lot less stress on him mentally as well.

The one downfall of the robot is the cost. It can be over two million dollars to purchase the unit, then thousands more every year for the required maintenance and up keep. This can be a risky purchase for many hospitals across the world, but those that have one say it helps in many ways.

To find out more about the robot that assists in operations, do a little research online. There are many hospitals that use the unit on a regular basis. To find one in your area, ask your doctor or call the local hospitals for more information.

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