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A Chiropractor Stockbridge GA Seniors Trust Offers Advice For Healthy Aging

By Princess Allice

Everyone faces challenges as they age. There are simple steps that can be taken however to optimize health and well being even at advanced age. A chiropractor Stockbridge GA seniors trust has some simple suggestions when it comes to physical and mental health.

Salty, starchy, and sugary foods taste great. That's why manufacturers load their products with them. Most adults know a steady diet of them can result in heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Many may not realize that these substances can also cause painful and debilitating inflammation.

Those who want to avoid the problems caused by inflammation would do well to eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Leafy green vegetables and colorful fruits are always good choices. They can be fresh or frozen and still be effective. Meat eaters should choose organic, chemical free products if possible. Grass fed beef and cage free chicken is more expensive, but is the healthiest choice. Olive oil is excellent in salads, sauces, and as a base for frying.

Memory loss is a normal part of getting older, but it can be exacerbated by many medications that seniors commonly take. Anti-seizure drugs, statins, and some sedatives can play a part in forgetfulness. Older individuals who are concerned about their memory should discuss the matter with their physicians.

As individuals age, cartilage can begin to break down and create bone spurs. This is known as osteoarthritis, and is usually accompanied by joint stiffness and pain. Over the counter medicine can be effective unless the condition degenerates. Alternative therapies performed by chiropractors is a good solution for some.

In addition, a chiropractor in Stockbridge GA can suggest lifestyle changes to slow the progression of harmful conditions. Improved nutrition, weight loss and regular exercise help to slow the aging process. Making healthy choices and remaining as active as possible enhance longevity and quality of life.

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