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What You Need To Know About Bio Identical Hormone Treatment Dallas TX

By Donald Sullivan

When an individual normally thinks of the topic of hormones or hormonal imbalance, it is usual to associate it to feminine medical conditions, such as menopause. The element of hormones plays an important factor in the physical and mental health of a person, creating complications when an individual is subjected to hormone reduction or hormone imbalances. The bio identical hormone treatment Dallas TX is the place for the right hormonal treatment.

Hormones in our body are crucial for our well being because they regulate all our physiological functions. From helping our body with the metabolism to improving cellular regeneration, they are a vital component for our good health in general. We are often in better shape physically and mentally when a balance of hormones is maintained in our bodies.

However when that equilibrium is affected we start seeing its effects and need Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to set the balance right once again. One of the key benefits of bioidentical hormone treatment is the protection of bones from osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Additional benefits include: elimination of night sweats, increase in muscle tone, improvements in energy level, mood, memory and concentration improvements; along with an increase in sex drive. All of these benefits and more can be yours along with a more positive outlook on your life after being treated.

However it's important to consult a specialist physician before going ahead with the treatment. They will ask for your saliva, urine and blood samples to do simple tests that will ascertain the level of hormones in your body. Once that is confirmed you will be started on this therapy.

You should be tested initially and a questionnaire filled in so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. Diet, lifestyle, age etc., will be taken into consideration and a recommendation made as to whether the therapy is right for you and if it is, what hormones are needed.

The revamping of hormonal treatment has been completely altered due to the current use of bio identical hormones. Unlike synthetics, these hormonal replacements are replications of already produced secretions found in women's chemical makeup which make bio identical hormones an ideal alternative for those who seek a natural approach to internal balance and a positive outlook. Side effects are usually minimal since these hormones match existing estrogen and progesterone.

Likewise with exercise, your body needs daily movement to keep it at it's peak and to perform at it's best. So once you know that you're giving it what it needs, if symptoms of menopause still persist, that's the time to seek advice as to what other therapies are available.

A quick Google search for any type of therapy for menopause nets us a ton of results. It's important to sort through the multiple advertisements for over-the-counter treatments and head to reputable sources and treatment centers offering top-notch treatment advice and direction. Bio identical hormone therapy can benefit most women over the age of 40 or women suffering from many of the common ailments found when transitioning into the menopause stage of their lives. Get help today with ease!

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