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Two Easy Steps To Improving Posture From A Geneva IL Pediatric Chiropractor

By Andre Ferlo

When properly maintained, the human body is designed to operate like a well oiled machine. To be in top condition means that one has correct posture and alignment, attends regular check ups, and takes steps to achieve optimal health. A Geneva chiropractor can not only help with one's pain management, nutritional guidance, and stress relief, they can also attend any postural issues.

The human central nervous system is what runs the body. It consists of one's brain, which processes information and transmits messages via the second component - their spinal cord, which uses a neural network to send these signals to the various areas of a body. It is the translation of the mind's intention into chemical and electrical impulses that allow a person to move and feel.

An orchestration called the mind body spirit connection is brought on by a complex interaction called the brain nureomatrix. So you see then that your brain and your spinal cord together make up the super computer that runs your entire system.

The first step to maintaining proper posture is to keep your operating system running smoothly. This is done in part by maintaining proper alignment of the spine since it houses the mechanics that communicate with your brain to operate your entire system.

The second step to proper posture is a professional assessment with a Mill Creek-Geneva Chiropractor. Once you have completed your professional assessment then you can begin a program of your own to retain and strengthen your posture.

For this step you will need full length front back and side pictures of your body. Print the pictures off (one to a page). Place a dot on your ankle on the side view. Place a dot between your feet on the front and back poses. These dots should align with the middle of your head if your posture is suitable.

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