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Things To Know About MRI Screening

By Sharon Peterson

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, also known as MRI for short, uses strong magnetic field and radio wave pulses to produce images of internal organs and structures of a body. This could show problems that are not able to be shown by other imaging methods. The tube scanner with a large circular magnet inside it is where your body would be inserted while you lie down on the movable bed.

Before undergoing this procedure, patients must first be tested and checked before having them scanned by it. There is an MRI screening Los Angeles that they must pass by removing all metal devices and objects on them. Here are the basic details regarding this procedure you need to know before having one in Los Angeles, CA.

These processes are used for checking any abnormalities the spinal cords, brain ad other body parts have like tumors, cysts and injuries the joints possibly have. Detecting problems with the internal organs like heart and liver is also possible. Problems women have in the pelvic region can also be detected.

You will be inside the scanner wearing earplugs to reduce the noise made by the machine and the doctor will talk to you, making sure that you are ready and comfortable. It is important to stay still and maintain your position so that the images will not become blurry. The procedure could be stopped if you request them due to being uncomfortable inside.

The radiologist then will check these images after the scanning is done in order to determine if they need more or not. If they are satisfactory for him then no further images would be needed and you can go home. The radiologist will make a report then pass in on to the doctor who will set an appointment with you so the results will be discussed.

The process of getting the pictures usually take twenty to sixty minutes and it depends on what part of the body is being scanned the number of pictures required. If you have fillings or braces, the image may be distorted by it even though it is not affected by the scan. The process may take longer to finish because of the distortion.

Because moving inside the scanner is strictly not allowed while the procedure is undergoing so the doctor sometimes give short breaks for those times that scanning takes longer to finish when necessary. Claustrophobic patients does not need to worry when inside because they be talking to you and making sure you will be comfortable during the whole process. There are open MRI scanners also available for those that really need it.

There are no known side effects for women who are pregnant undergoing the procedure as well as the child inside her. It is not recommended though to perform it during her first trimester of pregnancy unless the needed information is crucial. Scanning a pregnant woman on her first trimester may have no known clinical concerns but doing it on the second and third trimester is way better.

Those patients who underwent this have not shown any side effects. As long as you remove every metal devices in or on your body to avoid injuries. Contrast material is sometimes injected to get clearer images and sometimes they cause allergies to a patient but it can be treated easily.

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