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The Ideologies Of Functional Medicine Bay Area

By Jason Cox

When a person gets sick, the physicians use different means to treat the illness. In most cases, doctors use drugs to deal with a disease. However, functional medicine Bay Area is a common type of treatment that involves both the practitioner and the patient. The medical doctor tries to analyze the causes of the disease rather than treating the disease alone.

This treatment looks at the entire being rather that the symptoms in their body. It attempts to comprehend the source of an illness then proceeds to find a cure. The patient is put in a program where the doctor spends time with them to get to know them well. Specialists in this area look at the history of the individual, their current lifestyle and the mind of experiences they have had in their life. Below are some principles of the medicine.

Every human being is unique. This is a primary principle that practitioners consider. Individuals are different by their genes as well as their biochemistry. Therefore, during the treatment, every patient in Bay Area is given individual attention that matches their being. The doctors consider the illness in a patient and apply the natural ways of healing.

It understands that every cell in the body is connected with another. This means that all cells work together to perform the overall function. The functioning of one cell influences another cell. Therefore if one cell fails, the other cells cannot operate properly. It is for this reason that the practice focuses on the whole being rather than particular parts of the body.

Preventing illnesses is far much better than treating them. This is another principle of the approach. Patients taking therapy programs are taught on the importance of preventing diseases. Doctors provide patients with knowledge on how to prevent diseases before they attack. This is crucial since the person learns how to stay healthy all the time.

The approach uses the application of science. It incorporates biology and genetic science to understand how the environment, as well as the lifestyle of an individual in Bay Area, has led to the occurrence and progression of an illness. The specialist in this area considers the environment surrounding a person and the type of life they live to get to know what caused the disease. They then use the same factors in analyzing the cure.

The practice uses the natural methods to restore health in the body. It understands the risks involved in using the pharmaceutical method. Drugs come with several side effects, some of which might be severe to the body. This approach explains that drugs are not appropriate for a long-term situation and this is why the method is suitable for patients who want to have long-term healing. However, if the practitioners have to use the pharmaceutical approach, they ensure that they have taken proper care of the patient taking medicine.

This approach involves the partnership of a doctor and a patient. However, it is the responsibility of a patient to ensure that they are doing all they can to gain their health back. Practitioners remind patients on the costs of their actions towards their healing. A patient becomes thus responsible and works positively to become healthy again and retain a healthy state. Patients in this program are taught on the importance of remaining responsible and in control of their health all the time.

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