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Sourcing A Paraben Free Body Butter

By Marie Wilson

Body butters are among the recent trends in skin health and general well being. Thicker and more moisturizing than traditional lotions, they work wonders on the skin, making it softer as they nourish it deeply. This is why they have become so popular as lotion replacements in the cosmetic world. Unfortunately though, some body butters are less than healthy. Most health conscious cosmetic users would naturally prefer a paraben free body butter over these chemically tainted ones.

What makes some body butters unhealthy is the fact that they contain harmful ingredients such as parabens. Cosmetic chemists use these chemicals to help preserve the products they make. This helps to extend the shelf life and therefore make the business of cosmetic production more feasible. These parabens though, are basically chemicals that are associated with diseases such as cancer.

Parabens and other harmful elements have indeed found their way into some butters. But it is possible to find paraben free skin butters. Consumers just have to do some research and pay close attention to what they are purchasing. This means arming themselves with the knowledge that will enable them to make the healthier choice.

One way to be vigilant is to be aware of the many different names or types of parabens. This is where independent research becomes important. The list of ingredients is always an important source for shoppers.Consumers should investigate the true names of all chemical sounding ingredients. Sometimes names that seem harmless are actually parabens under different names.

Butters that are closer to nature are always healthier for the skin. Specifically, those that have natural substances such as shea butter as their main ingredient. These natural ingredients should undergo just enough processing to make them usable as cosmetics as too much processing can reduce their positive impact and introduce harmful elements.

Another option that cosmetic users have is to make their own butters. Butters that are made at home may not need preservatives since they can be made and used promptly. They can also be stored in the refrigerator for a limited time. This is a good alternative option for persons who have the time and patience to make their won cosmetics.

Some cosmetic companies have a proven track record for providing good quality healthy products. This does not mean that consumers do not still need to do some research when shopping. International health organizations and consumer bodies often rank these companies in terms of the safety of their products.These companies use safe and more nature friendly preserving agents.

Today's cosmetic user has to also be a vigilant shopper. This is important, especially in light of the many scientific studies that have revealed the danger in some cosmetic ingredients. In the final analysis it is up to the consumer to make the healthy choice and travel a safer route to beauty.

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