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Norwalk Migraine Doctor And Headache Care

By Selena Chery

The human brain and its various functions have long been the subject of medical science, especially the reasons headaches happen. There are currently more than 100 varieties of specific types, each denoted by categories such as symptoms and causes. Several of these maladies are commonly attended by a Norwalk headache doctor on a regular basis.

Tension headaches are experienced by nearly everyone at some point in their life, and are recognized by the throbbing that seems to be triggered by situations of a stressful nature. Ranging from mild to moderate, these pulses will rise or fall depending on how well the body is coping with the element causing the stress as it seeks to regain balance and a sense of calm.

Migraines can be brutal and tend to appear suddenly as throbbing, pounding, or stabbing pains. Their intensity can fluctuate, sometimes being severe enough to make a person dizzy or nauseous. Factors like light, movement, or sound may aggravate them more. They present a challenge because they have many triggers, can intensify quickly, and manifest differently from one person to another.

Although less common, cluster headaches tend to be far more severe than other types. The pain frequently reaches debilitating intensity. Chiropractic adjustments are an effective means of attending these maladies, however, the person must first manage to be functional enough to leave their bed and go to the chiropractor.

People who are allergic to pet dander or who have seasonal allergies, are often plagued with sinus headaches. These are characterized by pressure in the nasal and ocular regions, and pain in the forehead. Other symptoms include congestion, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, and the feeling of being flushed and feverish.

Many people are not aware of just how effective chiropractic techniques can be when it comes to decreasing the severity of headaches, and alleviating symptoms for fast relief.

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