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Learn How To Support Spinal Health With A Denver CO Chiropractor

By Anabel Clark

If you have been searching for the best that Denver has to offer when it comes to local CO chiropractor offices then you should know how to make the most of the great benefits you get from your chiropractic care. Getting adjusted or re-aligned can do wonders for your spine and the rest of your body but you need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to continue those benefits between your chiropractor sessions and appointments. There are several things A Denver CO Chiropractor can recommend to their Denver patients:

The primary concern is your posture and how it affects your back health. Don't sit slumped or slouched as this can create strain on your neck and back and cause the bones of your spine to get misaligned.

Sitting with your legs crossed or tucked can create lower back strain and muscle issues that can lead to spinal problems also.

You should keep your back as straight as possible with shoulders kept back and your head tilted comfortably. This will help keep you in proper alignment after your adjustments at the chiropractor.

If you work in an office be careful. This is where most back troubles begin by spending long days sitting in front of a computer at a desk. This can cause a lot of strain on the back and whole body, but especially the back and neck. If you lean over your keyboard and hold your head at odd angles to view the screen and have your arms and hands in unnatural positions all day, over time this will cause many issues throughout your body and spinal column. You may develop pain and numbness in areas such as your back, neck, and arms. You may also develop other problems such as vision problems and headaches due to eye strain. Hand pain is also a very common complaint that many area chiropractors witness.

Stretch and move during the day. Taking a stretch break every 15-30 minutes can go a long way in keeping back and neck problems at bay. Stand and stretch, stretch out your back, arms, and legs while sitting in your chair, or go for a quick walk to the bathroom or the watercooler. This simple step can greatly improve your work performance and make back and neck pain, less of an issue. This also holds true for any activity where you sit for longer periods of time. It is important to take the time to continue good spine care and practices between your appointments and be mindful of your spine each and every day!

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