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Important Things To Understand Concerning Herniated Disc

By Larry Taylor

Vertebrae are basically structures which look like pads and they usually serve as a cushions which lie between vertebral bodies and they function in reducing the movement impact on the spinal column. Each spine vertebrae is actually designed just like the jelly doughnuts. As this particular vertebrae degenerates from an injury or even from age, it is very possible for the softer central to rapture via the outer ring. This abnormal central portion rapture is what causes herniated disc commonly.

The most probable location of this kind of a condition is in the disc which are found between the fourth as well as the fifth lumber vertebrae found in the lower back. This is simply because this particular part of body is absorbing the body impact which bears the weight on the upper part of the body. This happens mostly when an individual is either sitting or even standing.

Discs are actually pads which are located in between the vertebrae and they are cushion like shaped. If these shock absorbers are not present then it is very possible for bones located in the spine to actually grind against each other. These pads do not only offer flexibility as well as making some movements like bending and twisting possible but they also offer protection to the spine by simply absorbing the impact of trauma as well as body weight.

These types of pads usually offers a lot of flexibility and also make it possible for certain movements to happen like twisting and bending and also provides protection to the spine by ensuring that the impact of the body weight together with trauma is absorbed. Each disc has a string type of a layer which is referred to as annulus fibrous and has also as soft center which has a gel like substance known as nucleus pulpous.

It is always viewed that the spinal usually has enough space meant for housing both the spinal cord together with spinal fluid. When herniation occurs and the gel like substance then spills into the vertebral canal, a compression is caused on the spinal cord or even on the nerves.

This is usually marked by muscle weakness especially of the lower extremities as well as incontinence bowel together with the bladder. This particular complication is actually referred to as cauda equina syndrome. Most of medical practitioners usually suspect the existence of such a condition when a patient starts complaining of such symptoms.

Most of times the neurologic examination reveals abnormal reflexes. Most often this particular pain may be elicited especially when a straight leg gets raised when an individual is either sitting or even lying. Several blood tests might be carried out so as to establish if there exists any kind of signs of infection or even inflammation.

Mostly the plain film x rays usually indicate some wear and tear or what is commonly known as degeneration of the spine but it does not show the disc status. So as to effectively establish if a given vertebrae is herniated then a CT or even MRI scan is done for the diagnosis.

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