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How To Avoid Suffering From Age Related Muscular Degeneration

By Arthur Perry

With old age, several ailments and impediments crop up often due to reduced immunity in the body. However impairments such as retinal damages leading to sight related problems can be controlled fully even though it is a primary cause of sight problems in elderly people. Below are some of the methods you can use to avoid some of this Age Related Muscular Degeneration.

Your diet should highly consist of fruits and different types of nuts. The nutrients obtained from these types of food are very important in ensuring that any type of the ailment is managed. You should ensure that you take them daily. Processed food especially carbohydrates have cholesterol that can elevate the risk of developing the condition. Subsequently, you should avoid them at all cost.

Gaining huge amounts of weight when one starts getting elderly, is not advisable. Try and be active and engaged in activities as much as you can and exercise a lot to ensure that your body has the perfect mass. Walking is a perfect form of workout and goes a long way to ensure that one is fit hence reducing chances of emerging complications especially of this disease and any other illnesses. Enroll in a gym or do normal exercises at home and this will help you a lot with your body.

Including different types of supplements will help to boost your immunity. The nutrients from the supplements are easily absorbed in the system as compared to the nutrients from the meals. The doctors can prescribe a certain multivitamin that you can take daily to boost your immunity. AREDS is a nutrient supplement that is very effective in prevention of the ailment. They ensue that the disease does not progress to the advanced stages.

The food that you take can protect you from getting the disease. You should ensure that you take much of vegetables. The dark green vegetables are rich in carotenoids that prevent one form getting the disease. Those types of vegetable include spinach, collard greens and kales. Also include a lot of fish in your meals. Taking at least two servings of fish or even more per week highly reduces the chances of getting the complication.

Avoid smoking at all costs because people who misuse cigarettes and smoke a lot have a high chance of developing signs and symptoms of the disease when they progress on in life. If it is an addiction, consider seeking assistance in form of therapy to help with recovery of the addiction otherwise it would do one a lot of good to keep away from cigarettes completely.

Regular eye checkup after every two years is very important especially in your mid and late forties. This plays a key role in preventing eye related illnesses since if it is noticed early it is very easy to manage and/or treat. This illness is hereditary and can be passed on down the line so one should be cautious in case any of your relatives starts to get symptoms of the disease and promptly go for a checkup.

Most people at the old age have lost their sight due to this disease. It is very important to know that the ailment can be managed even when you have it and live a normal life. The article covers on the actions that you can take to ensure that you do not get the condition.

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