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How A Paraffin Bath Can Help Promote Healing From A Chiropractor In Kent WA

By Andre Ferlo

A paraffin bath sounds like something from the nineteenth century. Perhaps something that should be consigned to history along with weird patient medications including whale oil.

This is a method that is very helpful to people who have sore hands or feet, especially when the aches are due to arthritis. They have an amazing effect on the skin. The process begins with heating the paraffin to about 125 degrees Fahrenheit, melting it in a special vat or large crock pot. Once melted, the individual dips a hand or foot into the wax a few times to build up a coating approximately 1/4" thick, leaving it on to cool and solidify for roughly twenty minutes.

If doing the procedure at home, one should first take instruction from a physical therapist or chiropractic professional, because if done incorrectly, a person could burn themselves or start a fire. These sessions are also available in many spas.

Some paraffin therapy benefits include improved blood flow, soothing of joint pain, and relaxed muscles. The wax's heat deeply penetrates to effectively alleviate symptoms associated with conditions such as psoriasis, bursitis, and eczema. Chiropractic clinics and spas typically combine this procedure with therapeutic massage.

Also, especially for the hands, it may be combined with exercises designed to strengthen the hands and improve flexibility. Although it really does sound like a weird quack thing, it is considered highly effective by most medical professionals.

Those who experience chronic bouts of pain in their feet or hands could benefit from discussing the option of paraffin baths with their chiropractic professional or physician. However, for safety reasons, they should be sure to obtain instruction on the proper way to administer this procedure on their own at home. Chiropractors have often used them as components in patients' individualized approach plans.

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