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Get More Information About Cold Laser Therapy From A Chiropractor Stockbridge GA

By Clinton Arnhold

Cold laser therapy is also known as low level therapy. This name is derived from the way this technique works. When in use, the light used is geared towards ultraviolet and no infrared is used. This means that no heat is produced during the process, hence the term cold therapy. This technique is used since it can penetrate two to five centimeters into the skin. A Chiropractor Stockbridge GA professional will give your lots of information.

What it then does is introduce light energy into cells, which helps reduce pain and inflammation, and increase the cell's metabolism, thus speeding healing. It has been in regular use since 1967, and a multitude of studies show that cold laser therapy is effective for pain relief.

This technique is used to relieve pain from people who are suffering from different illnesses. This includes arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, pain from the neck and spine and fibromyalgia. It is mainly used to deal with moderate pain and not extreme pain.

This technique can be quite effective if it is used together with other therapies, such as massage. You may need to get multiple sessions, sometimes as much as 30 before you can experience any serious relief. You will have to pay for the sessions out of pocket as most health insurers don't cover it.

This procedure can produce great results, especially if it is combined with different therapies, like massage, exercises and ergonomics. A chiropractic professional or any other alternative health provider can administer this procedure. Other things that can also be done include adjustments to your spine and neck and electrical muscle stimulation.

If you have low grade but annoying pain in your back, neck or joints, it might be worth asking a chiropractor about cold laser therapy. As there are no side effects, it is often worth trying a couple of sessions, as the worst case scenario is that it does not work. Make sure that you are provided with, and wear, protective goggles. A chiropractor or alternative health care provider who offers cold laser therapy can offer you additional information.

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