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Exercises That Keep Your Body In Balance From A Chiropractor In Kent WA

By Jay Dy

Many individuals suffering back pain will seek chiropractic care. It is common for a chiropractor Kent WA to give patients homework between sessions.

Chiropractic care focuses on fixing the underlying problem. This means that the chiropractor also wants to help you not have the problem come back. In most cases, this means corrective exercises and posture training. The exercises provided are personal to you, but might include a number of exercises known to be good for, for example, pain in the lower back.

For example, trainers recommend crunches (but not sit ups), hamstring stretches, wall sits, and bird dogs for people with lower back problems. You should do a relatively small number of reps (8-12 is optimum), in two or three sets, and do them regularly.

Chiropractors select the exercises for each patient depending on the individual's unique situation and the specific muscles they need to strengthen while avoiding strain. They could also include stretching and Pilates as well.

Healthy people can probably look at online exercise programs and similar to find the best exercises, in addition to the ones recommended above. However, even better is to get a chiropractor's help. They will look at your posture and any problems that might be developing, and recommend an exercise program that will help you, specifically, especially if you have a "conformation" problem such as a slightly curved spine or one leg being shorter than the other (which is more common than a lot of people think).

Anyone who already suffers from back pain should not start any type of exercise program without first consulting a chiropractic doctor to make sure that they do not try and attempt any moves that might aggravate the condition. Everyone can benefit from physical activity that keeps their body in balance, but it is important to seek professional medical advice before starting any such routine.

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