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Discover Solutions For Joint Disease With A Lawrenceville GA Chiropractor

By Amie Murrieta

As people get older, their joints start to get a little creaky. They may ache where they did not before, which could just be a part of the aging process. Unfortunately, in some cases, it could be joint disease. If you feel pain and want to know if it is aging or disease, a Lawrenceville Chiropractor can examine you to see which it is and help stop the pain either way.

No matter what the cause, if you have joint pain, exercise is a must. Your doctor can give you a plan to get more exercise that will help.

In fact, exercise is just one of many nonsurgical choices you have to help alleviate your pain.

One important one is to always have good posture. If you slouch too much, your spine does not maintain its proper curvature, which can cause pain and pressure. Simple little things throughout the day can help maintain good posture. For example, make sure you sit up straight in your seat, and support your lower back when possible when sitting.

Heat & Cold: heat wraps, hot water bottles, and hot showers; or cold pads can often help to alleviate painful joint episodes.

Try not to sit for too long, as this can impede your circulation and increase joint pressure. Break up long commutes with frequent stop and breaks if possible.

Some anti-inflammatory medications may also be of help. NSAIDs like ibuprofen can be bought over the counter easily, while drugs like Celebrex must have a prescription to purchase.

A good chiropractor can manipulate your spine to help reduce pressure on a joint to help you feel better almost instantly.

If the pain is in or near your neck, cervical traction done by your chiropractor is one way to go. A neck pillow shaped especially for the neck may also help, as well as braces.

As a last resort, there is also surgery. Your doctor can help you figure out if you will need this kind of procedure. It can help with the nerve endings that produce the sharp pains you feel in your joints.

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