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Determining The Extent Of Whiplash With A Chiropractor Dallas GA

By Allan Iacovelli

Neck sprains and strains are caused by a number of factors and they are commonly known as whiplash injuries. When you mention whiplash, many people will relate it with car accident. However, sprains and strains can be caused by any sudden jerking or blow, or an impact that takes place on the neck, back or head and can result to snapping of the head forward causing strain to the vertebrae of the neck. This results in a strain or sprain.

The abrupt force that results in a whiplash injury may strain the muscles, sprain the ligaments or even displace the vertebrae. The symptoms of all these different kinds of whiplash injury are roughly the same and so are the therapies. Most people, therefore, do not care much about the type of whiplash they have. When they visit a chiropractor Dallas GA residents will find relief from their whiplash symptoms.

It is quite difficult to ignore the pain of a whiplash injury. The symptoms of whiplash injuries include pain that radiates through the muscles of the neck and sudden stiffness to the neck, reducing its range of motion. Stiffness or tightness also occurs in the muscles of the upper back and neck.

You can also feel some pain when turning your head. The pain can be felt when turning the head upwards, downwards, to the right or left side and when stretching your jaw muscles. Other symptoms can be tenderness on some parts of your shoulder, neck or back when pressure is applied.

Headaches that start at the base of the skull and spread up to the jaw and into the forehead area can encompass the entire head in severe cases. In most cases, someone is immediately aware that they have hurt their neck. They also know that something is not quite right.

In some situations, it takes several days to a week before the pain of a whiplash injury finally sets in. This is the reason why it is crucial for Dallas, GA residents to consult a chiropractor immediately after having an injury or accident. This is particularly the case if they are involved in a motor vehicle collision or trauma that occurs during sporting activities.

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