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Breast Augmentation Merrillville IN Facts And Information

By Margaret Lewis

Breast augmentation refers to enlargement or the enhancement of breasts through surgical procedures that involve inserting implants above or under the pectoral muscles. The process is not the same as reconstruction. The candidates for reconstruction are women that have previously undergone mastectomy and have lost some portions of the breasts or the entire breasts. In considering breast augmentation Merrillville IN residents should know what is involved.

Candidates for the surgery are normally women that want to change appearance of breasts as a way of boosting confidence. The women may want the breasts to be more proportional to other parts of the body. There are people who may have undergone pregnancy or breast feeding and want to restore the look of their busts to the appearance they used to have previously. Thus, it is mostly used for boosting appearance.

It is among the most common operations in the cosmetic surgery industry. The risks are low. Normally, the worst that can happen is that collagen can form a layer around implants and the implants get removed. It is a process known as capsular contracture. Because of advanced developments in manufacture of implants, any chances of suffering from contracture are very low. The side effect is not commonly experienced.

There are effects such as leakage and over-filled implants are rarely experienced. Previously, it was also possible that the breasts could get uncomfortably cold. The problems with the old liquid silicone or saline implants was mainly experienced in the nineties. Implants filled with silicone gel are the most favored currently and have done away with such problems. The surgery has also began using fat from the body of the patient for augmenting breasts.

There is no effect of augmentation on breastfeeding. Mothers can breastfeed in a normal way. This will not mean the process should be done when a woman is expectant. After the operation, there will be breast swelling which lasts for between 3 and 4 weeks.

Besides, during pregnancy and after, the body undergoes changes and thus it would not be a good idea to perform cosmetic surgery. It is a time when the body gets to adjust in both shape and size. There is no evidence that the procedure increases risk of breast cancer. As a matter of fact, it will make it easier to do self-examination for detecting lumps that are cancerous.

The most common kind of incision used is known as infra-mammary incision. It is made under the breasts at the place where it meets the chest wall. It is normally only 4.5 centimeters long. It has an advantage in that it will give the most direct access to the space behind breasts. The visual effect of these implants will be immediately obvious even in the course of operation.

The second surgery is known as axillary incision. This incision is made in the cease that is in the armpits. It is also 4.5 centimeters long. This procedure is favored more by Asian ladies because they scar more badly. Besides, it is less obvious than incisions made under breasts. It is more difficult to perform since it will only give indirect access to the breasts.

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