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See How Headache Sufferers Find Relief With Norwalk Headache Doctor

By Allan Iacovelli

Just about everyone is going to have a headache at one time. There are people who develop sharp pains behind their eyes or maybe in one specific portion of the head. This might occur as a pounding sensation that affects the whole head. People can develop problems with nausea as well. Headaches can feel dull, sharp or throbbing and they can last for just hours or days at a time. A trusted Norwalk headach doctor wants to discuss the options in headache relief that involve various aspects of chiropractic care.

Many studies have shown that chiropractic adjustment therapies are effective for alleviating headaches, especially tension headaches that start right at the neck. According to this research, spinal manipulation can provide rapid relief for head pain and tends to have far fewer side effects while providing much longer lasting relief for tension headaches than prescription medications.

A complete evaluation of every case can be made by a Norwalk headache doctor to see which type of chiropractic therapy is going to work best.

A lot of patients who suffer from tension-related headaches get marked improvements via upper cervical manipulation and through adjustments affecting the junction of the cervical and the thoracic spine. These can also be beneficial for relieving migraine headaches as well, so long as patients take care to avoid known lifestyle and dietary triggers.

Stress headaches, also known as tension headaches, are usually caused by subluxations (slight vertebrae misalignments) in the neck and upper back (most often the upper neck). When upper cervical vertebrae lose normal position or motion, a tiny muscle called the RCPM (rectus-capitis posterior minor) goes into spasm and causes tendons to tug at pain-sensitive tissue covering the brain called the dura mater. This, in turn, causes headaches. People who have suffered a whiplash injury also experience headaches due to muscular damage in the area of the neck.

Injured vertebrae at the cervical spine can be repositioned by a Norwalk headache doctor to promote natural headache relief. Simply aligning the vertebrae properly can alleviate or even eliminate many different types of headaches.

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