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Options Of Herniated Disc Pain Relief Conroe Patients Need To Be Aware Of

By Scott Cox

Blunt trauma to the spine or heavy lifting may result in displacement (herniation) of one or more intervertebral discs. The condition affects men and women by an almost equal proportion. A displaced disc usually compresses adjacent structures such as nerves. This causes pain that is experienced on the back and on one or both lower limbs. If they intend to get herniated disc pain relief Conroe residents need to understand a number of important things beforehand.

There are many forms of drugs that can be used in managing this kind of symptoms. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a popular choice because they not only relive the symptoms but also help in reducing possible inflammation in the affected region which in turn serves to ease the compression of nerves. Examples include ibuprofen, diclofenac and naproxen among others. Stronger pain relievers such as opioids can be used if the NSAIDs prove ineffective. Steroid injections into affected areas have also been beneficial.

Physical therapies have an important role to play in this condition. These may be performed by a professional (passive maneuvers) or by the affected individual (active maneuvers). Always ensure that you get professional advice on what would work in your case to avoid aggravating the condition. It is not uncommon for physical therapies to be performed alongside other interventions such as the administration of drugs.

Traction is a technique that is employed for the management of many spine conditions. It is performed by applying a pulling force on the limbs and hip which are subsequently transmitted to the spine. The aim is to realign the spine and restore the normal anatomy. When done consistently and in the right manner the disc will fall back to its position and this will relieve the associated symptoms.

In instances where symptoms persist surgery is considered. In general the surgical procedures here are referred to as decompression procedures because they help in relieving the pressure within the intervertebral joint. Different types of surgeries can be performed depending on the exact area of the spine that is affected, the surgical skill of your doctor and the anticipated complications. They include laminectomy, corpectomy and osteophyte removal among others.

There are a number of complications that may be encountered by a person undergoing this operation. Short term complications include bleeding and injury to nerves. In the long term, patients may suffer from spine instability if an important component of the vertebral body is removed. When this happens, an additional operation, spine fusion surgery, may be needed.

There is inter-individual variability in the duration of time needed for recovery. Hospitalization may be needed for the first two to six weeks. Full recovery usually occurs in weeks to months depending on the extent of the operation. The pain may seem to worsen in the initial days but this changes in subsequent weeks and months. There are a significant number of patients who become symptom free for the rest of their lives.

The options that can be used in managing herniated disc pain are many. The choice is made based on the severity of the condition. It is important to seek the opinion of a doctor at the earliest available opportunity so as to intervene before the problem worsens. Ensure that you have a candid discussion on the benefits and risks of the various treatment modalities that exist.

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