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Learn How Chiropractic Care Alleviates Ear Infections From A Nashville Chiropractic Clinic

By Anabel Clark

Chiropractors are trained about the benefits of the practice in tending to ear infections. When they visit a Nashville chiropractic clinic, parents will get an all natural therapy for the ear infections of their children. The chiropractors will examine the spine of the child and may carry out spinal adjustments to improve the nervous system function. The professionals can also provide lifestyle suggestions on how to reduce stress on the nervous system of a child.

Forty percent of children usually get at least one ear infection before they reach five years of age. An ear infection, also called otitis media is usually accompanied by headaches, listlessness, fever and irritability among others. These could cause other secondary complications like impairment of hearing.

A Nashville chiropractor may apply a low force technique known as Activator Method after the initial examination. This method involves utilizing a handheld adjusting instrument which is spring loaded and can deliver consistent, low force and high speed movement of the spine. Due to this high speed, the body will not get room to tighten up and this makes this method comfortable and effective. Upon every visit to the clinic, the child will be assessed carefully for any problems or signs of recovery.

A Nashville chiropractor is trained to find any structural issues that may underlie an ear infection. Your child might have a spine misalignment that could cause muscle tightness in either the back or neck. It could stop the nervous system from communicating with the inner ear.

The spinal misalignment may result in the compromised state of the ears not being able to properly drain out fluids to prevent them from getting infected. When the inner ear gets blocked, the fluid wells up inside. Chiropractors use a gentle approach to relieve chronic ear infections.

After a complete and extensive check up, the chiropractor may use a gentle and specific adjustment to rectify the source of nerve interference. When the nervous system is restored, your child will be in a position to fight any future ear infections. The child will also fight against recurring ear ache.

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