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Importance Of Demonstrating Meaningful Use Certified EHR

By Mary Parker

Doctors and other health care professionals only have one option in the past and that is putting pen to paper for health records. These records had to be kept by hand. Majority of the time, filing and dealing with the mountains of paperwork are done by the staff.

Without a doubt, accessing such records manually will consume much time. Furthermore, such may be misplaced or damaged. Right now, health experts take advantage of the meaningful use certified EHR. They prefer to spend more of their time caring for their patients and are often finding ways to access records quickly.

Apart from retrieving as well as filing patient information in a less difficult manner, staff members will also have less paperwork to deal with. Instant access is one feature that electronic health records can offer in times when data access is required. EHRs are used by nearly 80% of health experts. This is due to the fact that their efficiency can be increased. Many of these experts say that the receive lab result faster. On top of that, electronic prescription is possible which means saving time.

To be able to access paper charts, staff members need to go to the place wherein the records are stored. Nevertheless, these charts can be accessed without having to go there if they utilize EHRs. Almost all specialists say that one major factor why they utilize it is because it is very flexible not only whenever there are medical emergencies, but when medical consultations happen too. Since the process becomes more coordinated, their efficiency increases.

An electronic network is provided by EHRs. This means staff members and health professionals can send and receive messages from other staff members, doctors and patients. Aside from allowing patients to cancel and set appointments, health professionals can also send out appointment reminders. So it will be easier for doctors to adjust and manage schedules.

Without a doubt, a number of prescription medication interactions as well as allergies can put health at risk. For doctors to determine if a prescription will put the patient in danger, they take advantage of this system. Comparing the newly chosen medication with the health details will be possible. The doctors will be warned by the system in case allergic reaction will most likely take place due to the prescription. This just means that it will be possible to avoid serious complications.

Majority of the time, patients undergo repeat examinations and tests. The reason behind this is that several professionals are involved. Each one of these health professionals keep a separate record. With EHRs, however, several health practitioners will have access to recorded examinations, tests and diagnosis and complete medical record. Of course, this can only be done if the patient allows them to. Accurate diagnosis and suitable care can be provided since the professionals will have a complete overview.

For health experts who wish to become qualified for incentive programs, demonstration of the advantages of Electronic Health Records is required. Apart from showing how it shares and captures data, they also need to show that it is equipped with beneficial clinical procedures just like sharing electronic prescription along with patient care summaries. Furthermore, it increases efficiency, improves safety and provide self-management tools to patients.

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