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Basics About Circumcision Clinic In London

By Marie Russell

The foreskin refers to the hood of skin that cover the glans of the penis. This skin is usually removed through a process called circumcision. Parents usually decide whether they should have the skin removed from their children a birth or not. Parents who have their children circumcised are increasing in number everyday. Any circumcision clinic in London should be able to offer this service to patients on a walk-in basis.

Children are circumcised more in Canada, Africa, the United States, and Middle East. On the other hand, the activity is less common in Europe, Central America, Asia, and South America. There are several reasons why people have their children circumcised. These reasons can be classified as cultural, religious, hygienic, and health related. Cultural and religious reasons trend more in Africa and Middle East, while in the United States and Canada, health and hygiene are bigger motivators.

Mostly, circumcision of babies is done within the first 48 hours of birth. However, it is not always that the process is done within this time frame. In some cases, it is done within the first ten days after birth. It can be done at home even thought it is mostly done in the hospital. Cultural, social, and religious motivations usually prompt circumcision at home. Medical practitioners who undertake the process in hospitals include obstetricians, pediatricians, and family doctors.

The parents are usually told about the process and the possible complications involved before it is done. Doing the process within a few days of birth eliminates the need for administering an anesthesia since the process is not complicated. For adults, the process is complicated and an anesthesia must be administered before it is done.

There are some medical or general conditions that may make the doctor to make the decision of not circumcising the newborn or forgoing the process until a later time. Babies who are born prematurely are also not circumcised until when they are old enough to undergo the process. If the baby is born with physical abnormalities of the penis, circumcision may never be done at all.

A pair of scissors is used to clip off the foreskin after it has been freed from the glans during the process. It lasts ten minutes when the process is done on newborns. For adults, there are a lot of complications and the process takes more time. Healing is also faster in newborns in comparison to adults. Newborns need about five to seven days for them to heal completely.

This process presents several different health benefits. The most prominent benefits are a reduction in the risk of STIs and urinary tract infections, prevention of balanitis, balanoposthitis, penile cancer, and phimosis. Among female sexual partners, there is a reduced risk of cervical cancer.

Getting circumcised also presents certain risks. The most common risks associated are pain, injury, bleeding, infection, meatitis, and irritation. These risks are usually only minor and occur only to slight levels. In fact, it is rare for severe cases to occur and if they occur, they can be corrected quite easily.

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