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The Relationship Benefits Of Couples Massage In Puyallup

By Christine Youngblood

Thousands of people are realizing the direct and indirect benefits of couples massages. In this unique offering, two individuals are massaged in the same room, simultaneously, by two therapists. Couples massage in Puyallup is usually performed in a room, which is large enough for two massage tables.

Massage sessions vary depending on the focus of the therapists you choose and the location. In spas, massages typically include access to hot tubs, showers and lounging areas among others. In therapeutic settings, the focus is on the bodywork. Therefore, although the amenities could be less extravagant, the therapists are usually better trained. In therapeutic couples massages, the therapists have individual conversations with the clients to determine their goals for the session. Many individuals wish to focus on relaxation or tending to pains and aches.

When consulting with their clients, massage therapists review their session goals and answer their questions. The therapists may leave the room for a short while as the clients disrobe to their comfort levels and lie on the tables. They then undrape the areas of the body they are working on during the whole session. The clients may choose to talk with the therapists or their partners or remain quiet.

All massage sessions are pre scheduled. They have the same starting and ending time for the couple. The therapists leave the room at the same time leaving you to put on your clothes. The therapists will wait for you to inform them when you are ready. For customer care reasons, they may inquire whether you were satisfied with their services. From there you may proceed to pay for the services at the reception desk.

Massages are known to increase the feelings of affection. They stimulate the release of many endorphins that boost the feelings of affection and intimacy. Most notably, touch increases oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin in the body.

Another benefit of massages is increasing bonding. Research shows that people who continue to inject novelty into their relationships have more rewarding and closer bonds. People who find it interesting to get a massage together always look forward to the shared adventure.

Another benefit of massages is that they help eliminate stress. Stress can affect your health in an adverse way. The symptoms of increased stress levels include an increase of tension in the body, blood pressure, mood swings, headaches and gastrointestinal distress. Increased levels of stress in a relationship can decrease the level of patience you have and affect your communication patterns negatively. By engaging your partner in a relaxing activity, you are mindful and helpful in affecting the nervous system positively.

Massages can also help you to reconnect. Like many couples, you may have a busy lifestyle and lack enough time to be alone. During a massage session, you will be driven to forget the past and the future and turn your attention to the present moment. The practice of being engaged in an activity fully with your partner can enable you to enhance your relationship. Regular massages can deepen your levels of connection and comfort. The shared experience will be memorable and enjoyable.

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